+10 Day Pure Quick Start Program

Many people I speak to are interested in detox programs for the many benefits they provide – better eating habits, reduced sugar cravings, restored energy and mental clarity – but they’re not sure they will be able to commit to a full 5 or 12 week program. The 10 Day Quick Start Detox Program is the perfect place to start!


“To me, nothing is more gratifying than guiding a client through a complete physical and life changing transformation and to give them the tools to be successful and independent for the rest of their lives!”

+Meet Linda

Linda Arrandt is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. She is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Linda practices one on one coaching and presents online and local group programs. She is a contributing writer for Yahoo Beauty, The Everything Bobbi Blog, and The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Blog. She is a sought after speaker who speaks about a variety of health and wellness topics at schools, corporations and in the community.

+Wellness Coaching

It’s always a good time to start or re-start your wellness journey. It doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution, a high school reunion, the wedding of a child, or a scare from a doctor to get you moving in the right direction. For many people the first question is, where to begin? We begin with a personalized health history and create an individualized plan of action. My philosophy is, “It’s not about perfect, it’s about better”.


My programs include, one on one coaching, “8 Weeks to A Healthier You” program and the scientifically based Dr. Sears LEAN life stage programs. My programs offer nutrition solutions to take control of your health. You will learn simple, effective strategies that help prevent heart disease, sharpen thinking, boost energy, and more!

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